Richard and Gary came to me for an all round skills health check. After a mishap of Rich forgetting his front wheel and I getting one to replace it we began as always with the skills check. I found footwork and looking faults but also a body position habit that came to light once I had corrected those. Also, both had a natural unweight of the front wheel that was bogged down by a missing skill but not helped by their set up.
Once I had corrected these we moved to the first technique, drops.

I worked hard with them here on looking and body positioning and soon they were landing perfectly and also were using their 4 mental skills questions that I teach. After a while it was time to move onto the skills trail.
I segmented the 14 sections of the trail into 4 quarters and we worked on the sections contained within. I began with pumping and using the gained speed to ride the following berm and flat corner. After a while I moved to the next segment and added riding a rock garden and 2 more corners before linking all 6 together. Next, I showed why their skills set applied to jumping using a fly out jump and we linked that to the following corner and step before once again linking the previous sections to it. Lastly, I worked on linking drops into corners using footwork, looking and line choice before finally they began riding the entire trail end to end.
After a few runs where they both used their looking, footwork and body positioning to good effect we moved onto our final technique, applying the skill set to jumping tabletops.

It didn’t take long for Gary to get to grips with it and he was sailing over the 6ft tabletop. Rich needed more work psychologically and I worked on his body position too before he too sailed over the tabletop. Gary washed out on the gap jump side when he forgot his looking and braked in the section but he knew what he did wrong and sailed over the 6ft gap jump too!
After a few clears each I called an end to the session with a riding demonstration of the skill set in use on the high herts woodwork.
Awesome session in many ways guys!