Rich, James and Scott came to me wanting to progress their jumping and drops and also work on carrying speed through corners. After the skills check, I began correcting the faults I had found and set about making good their riding and their wish.
We began on the 3 drops and in no time at all they were landing perfectly. I worked on their body positions in flight so they could begin to style it a bit too! I then began working on cornering and linked the drop into a berm. We worked on line choice as well as braking areas and soon they were riding fast but smooth.

I then began working on the jump technique and we linked that to corners and rode the entire coaching trail end to end a few times and they all used great footwork, body position and looking to fly down the trail.
Next, I began working on jumping tabletops and the gap side also. After my demo, they all began to land on the transition perfectly and even rode the gap side a good few times too.

We then moved onto a 9ft gap jump and they used their mental skill set to great effect as they all rode it smoothly and confidently and linked it to the berm that followed too!
Lastly I worked on riding wooden berms and after a few confidence issues they all railed it time and again using correct looking and footwork too!

The session came to a natural end as they began to feel tired and I ended with a demonstraion of the skill set being used on the woodwork trails there.
Awesome day!