Rich and Al came to me wanting to get air under their wheels. They had been riding for years and had no confidence in trying as they crashed when they did. During the skills check I discovered why this had been happening and set about correcting it. I uncovered great techniques that had been bogged down by missing skills and once corrected we set about applying them.
The first technique I covered and to their surprise was the drop technique and in no time at all they were flying off them and landing perfectly.
We then moved onto the trail and I worked heavily on cornering and braking areas before adding another section and so on.
Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners were linked to steps, rocks gardens, fly outs and drops. We moved down the trail methodically and linked each section to the previous. We then rode the trail a few times end to end and each run became smoother and more fluid and faster too!
The last technique I covered was the jump technique. Using a 6ft tabletop and gap jump I demonstrated how and why the skills applied here and to their amazement they both flew over it and high 5’s all round was the order of the day. Both Al and Richard then used their mental skill set to comfortably ride the gap jump side too. The session came to an end and we had a cold beer to celebrate and awesome session.