Both Richard and Charlene have been riding for years but contacted me as they reached a plateau.
After identifying the missing skills I went about installing them and also made some bike set up changes.
we moved onto the pumping technique and after some tweaks they were flying down the trail and on leaving the trail a re-shuffle of the top ten happened with Charlene going 4th furest overall without pedaling. A great start!
From there we went onto the drop and jump techniques and with a simple adjustment to both of their push timings they went airborne!
Our time spent earlier on the fire road really started to pay dividends and the mental skills began to grow.
I then moved us onto a trail to work on cornering and also trail energy management, linking all the sections on a trail together smoothly. First we worked on footwork, then looking into the next section before adding body positioning. Both really began to fly down the trail and all sections were linked effortlessly and braking zones were identified and used correctly.
We ended our session as menatl tiredness showed itself and We rode back to the cars with smiles all round and I can’t wait to hear news of how the skills develop.