Richard and Claire came to me wanting to get better at riding singletrack but said they were at different levels in their ability. No problem! We began with my skills check and I found Richard needed his looking developed in unweighting the front wheel and I needed to get Claire to feel the motion required and soon she was unweighting the front too. I worked on their footwork , looking and also body positioning at different levels but on the same trail for every application of the skills.
 We started with  the drop technique and Richard really got to grips with this and soon moved through all 3 drops while I worked with Claire on her mental skills and then she popped into the air too.
Onto a cornering excersise and then to the skills trail itself to work on each section individually before linking the trail together. Pumping, steps, absorbing, rock gardens, drops and drop offs were linked to berms, off camber, switchback and flat corners. I work hard on the mental skills and also the physical and we moved down the trail always adding the previous sections to the next. Soon they were riding the trail end to end and linking all 14 sections contained in it together via the control zones and by line choice too.
 I could see they were tiring but Richard wanted to learn to jump tabletops so I developed Claire’s skills whilst working on Richards desire of jumping and soon he sailed into the air and over it and didn’t even blink an eye. A few more clears and our session came to a close and I cannot wait to hear of their riding exploits in the future.