Richard and Tom’s day finally arrived after being delayed due to Tom injuring himself before the original date. The skills check showed me two accomplished riders that were missing 2 vital parts of their skills set, looking and body positioning. I changed their set ups and showed them why which stunned them a bit before moving to the drop technique and then straight to the 6ft  tabletop. I worked on their mental skills here and it blew them away at how simple it all felt as they sailed the drops and then rode the 6ft tabletop , landing perfectly on the transition. Richard never thought he’d ride the 3 ft drop let alone the tabletop but i knew the forecast was for hot and humid weather and i wanted to get the psychological part of the coaching done.
 We moved to cornering and pumping and that really made a difference and they felt enhanced grip and control. Over to the skills trail and we linked all 14 sections of the trail and they became faster as their skills embedded further and their control of the trail grew. We worked on various ways of riding a near vertical drop off and this amazed them to as they both rode it easily. Our session ended once we moved back to the singletrack and small unforced errors began creeping in and watched by Adel whose session  with Nathan had already finished, watched on and they could see they were tired too.
Amazing day!