Richard contacted me looking for a private group session and to expand on their skills both physically and mentally.
As always, i began with the skills check and armed with the information I gathered I set to work.
We worked on un weighting the front end of the bike and I identified and removed any pulling on the bars. We then moved onto the pumping technique and the guys really got to grips with this rhythmic technique and soon were flowing fast along the single track pumping instead of pedalling. I then demonstrated the dis connected bunny hop over a fallen tree and we worked on this and the weight shifts and pushes involved.
Next we moved onto a small drop and table top to work on the drop and jump techniques and soon the guys were flying through the air and landing perfectly!
from there i moved us to a trail with six sections on it and broke it down. Here we worked on cornering and linking sections together, identifying braking zones and line choice. the guys really began to shift through the trail and confidence was booming.
Now it came time to raise the game on their mental skills. I moved us to a trail that has tighter, looser corners and larger drop and jump sections and here I isolated the mental skills and really began working on them.
I split this trail into two halves. The top half contained corners and ended with a black grade drop section. I worked on their trail energy management here some more as we built speed enough to pump parts of the trail and the drop sailed by for all three of them. Confidence and commitment were really blossoming now and they could concentrate as the trail was quite with no other riders about.
I then demonstrated the last half of the trail and all sections including the 7ft gap jump section using the trails energy instead of pedalling and Richard, Dave and Mark followed suit.
After a few runs of the complete trail we ended our session as tiredness began to show and we left with smiles all round.
Awesome day!