Richard came to us after searching online and he was surprised that we were close to him in Hertfordshire. Blue sky greeted us as I asked him what he wanted to get from the session and he hoped to maybe do drops by the end and build up to them as he’d never got air before. The look on is face when I explained we’ll start with drops was a picture but after the skills check and set up changes he already felt in more control of his mondraker mountain bike than ever before.

The  drops as promised, were the first application of his new skills set and I worked on the mental skills here too as we at ukbikeskills give every rider a framework to work from when making choices on a trail. Richard easily rode the smallest drop and within half an hour was riding the 3ft drop controlled and comfortable and that blew him away. We moved to jumping and in a few short steps he was sailing into the air there too, awesome session so far I said and we wasn’t done yet.

Cornering and carrying speed through berms was next on the list and after a coffee break we added pumping and jumping inot the mix. Richard found cornering harder to process than air time which really surprised him but soon he was sailing through three berms and telling me any errors before I told him.

Onto steeper terrain and his new skills absolutely blew his mind as this usually scared him but now it all came easy to him as he applied a simple technique to riding a near vertical drop off a few times. WE linked drop offs into corners too but the psychological aspect of such a session was already taking its toll and he was tiring and making silly errors but the session didn’t end before we’d worked on pumping, jumping and cornering on a trail. Our session ended with a cold beer each and a look at the trail Nathan was doing some maintenance on.

Let us know how the riding goes Rich.