Richard came to me via recommendation. Being a pro triathlete, he wanted to get skills coaching for exterra and such events.
On meeting as always, I ran him through the skills check where I identified his missing skill from the skill set of four and also found what was a natural action and began working on that.
We began with the drop technique. Here I worked heavily on his footwork and looking skills. Gradually and of his own choosing, Richard worked his way across the 3 drop sections as he repeated the physical action required and also applied the mental skill set too.
We then moved onto the coaching trail and the 14 sections that it contains. I cut teh trail into 4 segments and we worked on each segment before linking it to the previous one and so on. the trail has drops, various corners, rocks, steps and pump bumps.Each section was linked and the correct braking zones were identified and used by Richard as he got faster and smoother. I worked on steep roll downs and alpine style switchbacks too as I added those experiences to the new, growing tool box Richard now has.
Finally we worked on an isolated berm and worked heavily on Richards’ speed management as he gradually added more and more speed and carried it into and through the berm.
Here we ended our first session and I look forward to our on coming sessions.