Rick told me he lacked confidence on drop and tabletops as sometimes he goes “wobbly” .
We began with the skills check and found that Rick pulled on his bars to lift the front wheel and looked in front of his wheel most of the time. So I set out to correct this.
After working on pushing and not pulling the bars to un weight the front wheel we moved onto pumping and then bunny hop as Rick had the timing to pull and once that was converted the bunny hop became easier to him. We then moved onto the drop and jump technique before moving onto the trails to work on cornering and linking sections together. It was here that Rick came into his own and began flowing top to bottom down trails. We worked over three different trails with a very gradual climb in technical difficulty.
Our session ended on a high as Rick completed a trail several times including a gap jump that was now well within his “new” comfort zone.
Great session Rick!