Roald had been to see both myself and Tony for some mountain bike coaching beforehand, and returned today to work on mainly his mental skills set. First I wouldn’t to work on perfecting the physical skills so he could have more confidence throughout his own riding.

We went through drops and tabletops to start with. I played around with his approach speed, and had him adjust his effort when performing either of these two techniques, which meant he could still land perfectly regardless of the section he speed which he carried through it.

We moved into the quarry and I showed him dropping off the steeper roll in, and using the bottom half of this steep section as a landing. These type of drops are where Roald told me he struggles mentally, but after a couple of run ups to double check approach speed and to make sure he had the correct line, he was flying off this and again landing perfectly.

We moved on to work on north shore, and this is where we spent the remainder of the session, I worked on Roalds mental skills when tacking high up, as well as narrow sections of wooden ladder, and wooden drops. By this point the heat of the day has gotten to him and we brought the session to an end.

Nice work Roald! See you again soon.

Nath (@ukbikenath)