Roald was coached by Nathan 2 years ago but spent last year riding miles rather than focusing on his skills set and when it got technical again he noticed that something was wrong with his drop and jump techniques as he kept losing a pedal and also needing speed rather than technique. The skills check revealed he had lost his body positioning and as a consequence, his looking had dropped off too. I noticed a footwork habit mid turn too and off we went to begin to help Roald find the path back to his fluid riding. We started on the drop technique and once he landed perfectly, Roald knew why it felt so good as his body positioning felt amazing again. We quickly moved to the largest drop and that ended in the same result.

Next we moved across to the 6ft tabletop and worked on not only clearing the jump but once he’d done so, we worked on speed and effort too. The mental skills are all important and that was evident to Roald on his first approach to the 6ft gap jump side as he tried to force it but once he’d returned to apply both the mental and physical skills he sailed over it a good few times. We took a coffee break and resumed with pumping sections of trail to gain speed and linking three berms together and using the gained speed to jump the final jump. I worked on why and when it’s best to jump or pump a section and I demonstrated and Roald then followed suit.

Steeper terrain was next and the control Roald now felt on steep descents was chalk and cheese now and he easily rode the near vert drop in too. We next worked on linking drops into corners. I demonstrated both techniques for dealing with drop offs and railed the following turn using control areas and line choice and then it was Roald’s turn. Any errors were now being self diagnosed and when he controlled speed he exited the section with more speed, this was an epiphany to him.

We moved back to the pump and jump trail and worked on the mental skills again as we dded a 7ft gap jump to the line. A few clears of the jump saw Roald becoming more and more tired and he called an end to a brilliant session. Welcome back to your skills set dude.