Rob and Pete are brothers. They came to me for a overall skills polish and as usual I ran them through my skills check to identify what areas need work and also what is already present.
I set about correcting the physical skills and we moved on to the drops to apply them to that technique.

Next, we moved onto the trail and worked on the sections contained within and linking them together. We worked on speed manuals, rocks, corners of all types, fly outs, steps and drops.
We worked our way down the trail working on each section before adding the next to it.
We worked on linking drops into corners too.

We rode the trail end to end and the flow became evident as both Pete and Rob began really flowing down the trail in slippy conditions.
Next, I worked on the jump technique. Both of them took no time at all in clearing the 6ft tabletop and then they moved over to the gap side of the jump and sailed over that too!

Finally we moved back onto the trail for a few more runs before ending the session as fatigue began showing.
I really enjoyed today’s session and really look forward to the updates of their rides!