Rob and Rich arrived as arranged and I began with the skills check. I discovered that they needed work on footwork, body positioning as well as looking, I had my work cut out or so they thought. I corrected their missing physical skills and adjusted their set ups. Once corrected, we moved to applying it to their desired features, jumps and drops. The drops sailed beneath them easily and they were amazed at how easy it all felt and effortless too. I said to rich that we’ll move to jumping tabletops and he looked at me as if I was mad. In a few small adjustments both Rob and then Rich were sailing the 6ft tabletop and then they used their new mental skills to ride their first ever gap, a 6fter.

We took a break and resumed with pumping and cornering through berms. They were stunned at their new speed and grip levels as they linked three berms together. Time again again they rode that part of the trail and we then moved onto riding steeper terrain and steep drop offs. Once again their new positioning and looking skills paid dividends as they easily rode a near vertical drop off. We worked on linking drops into cornners and the required line choice before moving up and pushing their mental skills limits. Next on the menu were a 7ft and 9ft gap jump and once I had demonstrated them, they both rode first the 7ft and then the 9ft gap jump and began riding the entire trail end to end and they were now loving it.

They began the day wanting to correct the things that went wrong when they tried small drop to riding 9ft gaps and 4ft drops easily and knowing when and why it was right or wrong. Awesome session.



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