We met in the car park as arranged and I gave them an outline for the session. We then proceeded to the skills check and I discovered that all three had good footwork in corners but missed other vital skills so I began working on those. I demonstrated un weighting and pumping and the guys got to grips easily. We moved onto the disconnected bunny hop and in a short while the guys were showing an understanding of what is required in the technique and Ian for the 1st time bunny hopped cleanly over the fallen tree.
I then moved out of the area towards the jump and drop area and all three pumped the ground and showed an understanding of using the trails energy.
now the guys un weighting of the front wheel was too good for them not to grasp the drop and jump techniques and that became evident as they were showing perfect landings on the drop and all jumped the table top cleanly in less than 4 attempts!
We then started working on cornering and linking sections together and identifying braking zones.
The guys physical and mental skill set was booming and each of them flowed down the singletrack using the trails energy and perfectly over coming each section.
Great session lads!