Rob came down for his 2nd session today and I focused on building on his previous session that we had back in August. I worked on the psychological skill set today as well as the application of the simple skill set in various techniques.

We began with more advanced pumping techniques and scrubbing and absorbing jumps and by varying the application of the skill set Rob could choose to jump or pump. On the 6ft tabletop and gap jump side Rob soon applied his skills from the last session and comfortably rode both sides easily.
We moved onto the pump/jump trail and worked on linking sections using these techniques before moving on to the woodwork to work on the mental skills side of riding.

I began with a 1ft ladder drop and showed how to control and dismount if anything upsets him before moving on.
In no time at all Rob was riding a drop from a 7ft ladder and then linking it to the following wooden berm with a massive grin on his face.

We then moved onto a similar sized drop and also A 9ft stepped down gap jump and after A demonstration from myself, Rob rode it. In a couple of runs he was then linking it from the drop!

We had a break and I could see the adrenalin from the session was tiring him but we moved away from the woodwork to the alpine switchback to work on his footwork and looking to enable him to easily ride them, bringing an awesome session to a close.
Great session Rob and awesome improvement overall!