Rob came up for the session from Portsmouth and on meeting we chatted over a cup of coffee about his aspirations for the session. The skills check showed footwork and looking faults but also uncovered a great technique that was already natural. I made some set up changes to enhance the corrected skills and we moved onto the drop technique where I taught the mental skill set also.

The effect on Rob was immediate, he began landing perfectly straight away and before long we moved onto the skills trail. I showed why the skill set applies to pumping and we used that energy to link the following berm and flat corner together. I added a rock garden, and 2 further corners into the mix and Rob linked them smoothly and controlled but also very fast compared to his pre Jedi session! I moved down the trail and added a fly out jump, which took Rob by surprise as it was easy to get into the air now and he linked in the following corner and stepped exit too.
I worked hard on line choice when rolling down steep stuff into corners and before long it was time to ride the entire trail end to end. The difference was stunning in Rob’s riding as he linked each section by the correct pedal and braking areas. He flowed down the trail so smoothly that it was a joy to watch.
After a while I moved onto the pump and jump trail to develop his pumping further and work on his trail connection to enable him to jump the 3rd section. Here is where the session ended as the mental drain of the session took its toll and I ended the session to a riding demonstration of pumping, jumping and manualling sections all along the trail.
Great session, high5!