Rob is an ex moto cross rider and wanted to get his riding up to a similar level in terms of ability and came to me for help. I found looking and body positioning needed work as well as the mental skills so I set to work.
 The drop technique was first and Rob was amazed how easy it felt when adopting the new skills and soon we were moving on to cornering where we spent quite some time dialling in the feel for him.
We had a break for drinks in the shade as the sun was beating down on us and we chatted some more of his aspirations for the session.
 Jumping was the main objective for him today and we moved onto the 6ft tabletop and gap for this and in no time at all he was sailing into the air and clearing them with style too. We then moved onto linking 2 corners via line choice and then onto another jump. The jump is a 9ft step down that comes between 2 berms. I demonstrated and Rob then rode it over and over again with a big smile on his face.
 Our session ended with Rob on a 15ft tabletop where we worked on judgement of speed for distance as well as body positioning.
Awesome session Rob