I started the session with the skills checks where discovered that I needed to work on mainly looking, but also a little bit on body positioning. I quickly corrected this, and also showed him the importance of a correct set up, before moving onto the drop technique. Here I gave him a mental skills set, and he was soon riding the largest drop comfortably, commenting on how easy it felt. We then moved onto the skills trail, where I broke down the sections in order for Rory to ride it bit by bit, and he was soon riding top to bottom, linking both bermed and flat corners, rock gardens, fly outs, steps and drops with more control than ever before. After a quick break for lunch, we moved onto the tabletop, where I controlled his speed, and he was soon taking off and landing perfectly the other side of both a 6ft table top, and his first ever gap jump. I then showed him another trail where he used pumping to gain speed in order to jump a larger table top. I then showed him some steeper stuff, and how having the correct set up can make riding these a lot more comfortable, which he rode and mentioned how easy it felt. Our session ended riding some of the woodwork. He linked wooden ladder drops, higher ladders and seesaws together, which was the first north shore he had ever ridden
great session Rory!