Rosie and Claire made their down to me from Nottingham after being recommended by Rosie’s husband whom I coached last year. I found that they needed work on foot, looking and body positioning during the skills check and set to work. Much to their horror we began with drops but it wasn’t long before they both had air under their wheels. The smile replaced the worried look and it never left their faces.
We moved onto the skills trail and I worked hard on their cornering. I put them through a body position reinforcement exercise and that really made a difference to their control in corners along with looking and footwork. I showed why the skill set, both mental and physical applied to all techniques on the trail. Pumping, flat , bermed, switchback and off camber turns. Rock gardens, steps, fly out jumps and drop offs were all linked together using the identified braking and pedaling areas. We had a break as I could see them tiring mentally so we shared a coffee and chatted about the day so far before returning and working on drop offs that lead into corners and the required line choice. Soon it was time to ride the trail end to end and after a couple of complete runs that were controlled and smooth the ladies called an end to their session as they were so tired. The journey we took together from the beginning of the session is only the start of our connection together. We celebrated the ride with a cold beer at the end and a guided tour of Herts just as the rains came.
Great session to end a fantastic week.