Rosie and Claire had a session with me two years ago and returned for their second session today. The skills check showed me I needed to work on their body positioning and mental skills. We worked heavily on the drop technique and very quickly they were self diagnosing as they could feel that their body position was right or wrong. I worked hard on removing Rosie’s partial absorption during the technique and Claire, once shown a picture of her doing it correctly wasted no time on doing all three drops. From there we moved on to another trail and worked hard on linking sections of the trail together using pumping and absorbing techniques. We worked on carrying speed out of berms. We then had a break and continued adding jumping to the techniques. For this we used a 6ft table top. I worked on the physical skills and also the mental aspect of the technique. The smiles on their faces when they cleared the table top was a picture. For our final application of skills we worked on un-weighting the bike to get over logs and rocks among other obstacles. By this time they were mentally and physically tired and the session ended soon after. 
High 5.