Today’s session was a 2 to 1 session. Rosie and Jason have a wide range of riding experiences over the years but after trying to overcome any inconsistencies in their riding themselves they contacted me.
We began with two exercises that let me find out what they do naturally on a bike and allows me to see what I need to address. We moved through pumping the trail and un-weighting before moving onto the dis connected bunny hop over a fallen tree. we then pump the trail without pedaling to see where we get and they both surpassed the previous best by a client. An amazing achievement seeing as they couldn’t do the technique half an hour previously. I then took them through the drop technique before moving onto a trail and working on cornering, multiple sections and larger sections. We ended the day flowing top to bottom along the trail and both Rosie and Jason knew they had made huge leaps in their riding technique.
I await their future riding updates 🙂