Ross has been riding for years but a lay off and a couple of hard crashes saw his confidence crash as well. Ross had know about my mountain bike coaching for some time and today was the day where he’d find out if all was lost.

The skills check revealed to me the missing areas in his skill set and once I had corrected those it just became a case of working on his mental skills.

We began with drops and it wasn’t very long before Ross was landing smoother and using far less effort than ever before and he knew why too! The 3ft drop proved simple and that saw us move across to jumping, the one thing he wanted to regain. In a few short steps and to his amazement, Ross sailed over the 6ft tabletop with ease and woops of joy. The 6ft gap jump sailed beneath him the same way too. Phew, and all this before two hours had passed.

Next was cornering and once corrected , Ross said it felt the way he’d dreamed it could feel in turns and linking three berms together and sailing the final jump was a cherry on the cake for him.

We worked on steep terrain and different ways of riding a near vertical drop off. We also worked on linking drops into corners and different cornering techniques. I knew he was tiring as the mental aspect of the session was really tiring him but he wasn’t done just yet. Two more gap jumps of 7ft and 9ft were ridden and linked together into a complete trail before Ross said he was cooked and too tired to continue.

What a session.




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