Sam has been only riding for 6months in total and came to me wanting to learn the right skills from the start. After the skills check I found he had footwork and looking faults but possessed a natural push so I knew he’d be surprised at his own capabilities.
After correcting the missing skills and uncovering the great habits that were bogged down, we moved onto the drop technique. It didn’t take long for Sam to land perfectly on the smallest drop and he used his new mental skill set to move across and ride all 3 of the drops. Things were going great and that theme continued.
We moved onto the trail and breaking into quarters we worked on the sections contained within and gradually moved down the trail riding the new and reinforcing the previous sections.
Rocks, pumping, steps, jumps and drops were linked into flat, bermed, switchback and off camber turns.

After a few runs of the complete trail it was clear to see Sam was flowing smoothly down the trail, fast and controlled.
Lastly, we moved onto the tabletop and to Sam’s surprise in a few runs he was sailing over it and landing sweetly. He used his mental skills again and moved across to easily ride his first gap jump over and over again.

The adrenalin of this tired Sam quickly and our session came to a natural end.
Awesome session!!!