Sam got dropped of for his mountain bike skills session right on time, and as always I ran him through the skills checks to see what skills I had to work on within the techniques that we teach. I quickly moved him through drops and straight into the tabletop. He had no problems with this and was soon landing comfortably on the down slope of the both the table and the gap. I then worked here on bringing out Sams natural unweight, so much so, that he was able to clear the tabletop from the second mark, which to anyone that’s been to us before, knows the effort required to do this. We worked in cornering, as all the other jumps I wanted to show him required being able to corner first. We then linking two berms with a larger wooden gap jump. The 9ft gap in the trees came next, and with what seemed no speed, sailed across the gap, landing beautifully on the down slope. He then linked the two together in a line. We moved up the top to work on ladders, where Sam linked a fair length of wooden ladder, which involved corners and fluctuations in height, and a small wooden drop. I showed him steeper terrain in the quarry, which at first Sam was not so confident with, but once I explained the mechanics he rode both that I put in front of him, with control, and commented after how easy it felt. Just over four hours had passed and tiredness had set in, so we brought our session to an end.

Great riding with you today Sam.

Nath (@ukbikenath)