Scott and Zoe made the trip from Wales for their joint skills session. I knew I had to work on the physical skills with them both and That Zoe lacked confidence. Both had been coached by other people before they said as i began the skills check where I discovered body position and looking skills were lacking in both checks that i make. I made some set up changes and the effect really took them by surprise.
I worked on the application of both mental and physical skill sets in the drop technique and i was even able to begin to move the bike in the air with Scott and I worked hard on Zoe’s mental approach.

After a while, we moved onto the skills trail and i began working with them on linking the 14 sections contained within the trail together by their identified braking areas. Pumping was used to gain free speed, this speed was carried through the following berm and flat turn. I later added in a rock garden and 2 more corners. Their set up changes were really working for them and Zoe was smiling as she was riding now. We moved onto a fly out jump and linked it with a corner with a step on the exit and this too proved no problem . I ran them through both body position correction for corners and a braking correction technique too before moving to the end of the trail where riders can decide to drop into the final corner or roll into it.

I worked hard on line choice here as Scott flew off the drop and linked in the corner. It was awesome to see Zoe roll the steep roll with total confidence and control and then ride the final berm trouble free with that smile still beaming. It came time to ride the entire trail end to end and now they were really flowing down the trail. Any error was identified by themselves now as they knew why it felt wrong at times. A few runs more and they began to show they were tired mentally and the session came to a natural close.
Great session!