I ran them through the skills checks to start, and i could see that i had to work on a combination of skills within each of their skills set. I moved them on to work on cornering. They could feel the difference having the correct feet and body made too this technique, and they demonstrated this on the first half the skills trail. I also showed them drops, where i gave them each a mental skills set, and they were quickly riding off the largest drop, and landing perfectly. After lunch, i showed them droping into corners, followed by jumping fly outs, and then riding the whole trail top to bottom. I showed them the tabletop, and before long, they were all landing perfectly on the other side of both the table and the gap jump. The session finished on the pump trail, where they were all flying through the sections, and also linked it with the two corners and larger wooden gap jumo which followed. Thanks for today guys. Nick, remember to twist your hips, and push the hand. Justin and Gary, remember to stay off of that saddle.
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)