Shaun came to me via recommendation and wanted to work on his cornering and maybe learn how to do drops and get some air time. We began with identifying the missing skills in his skill set and then replaced those with the correct skills and things took off quite literally from there.

Drops were first on the list and Shaun’s new mental and physical skills sets were applied to ride all three drops and the smile that appeared on his face never left. We worked on steep terrain and riding drop offs as well as pumping and carrying speed through berms and turns.

We moved to the singletrack trail and worked on linking the fourteen sections that are contained within it together. Pumping, absorbing, rocks, steps and drops were all linked to flat, switchback, off camber and bermed turns. The heat of the day was really draining both Shaun and Bev whom Nathan was coaching and four hours since we began, Shaun called an end to his session happy and mentally drained.

Amazing day, High5!

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