Neil’s search for help in his riding led him to me and when he turned up I discovered his new Bionicon bike was faulty so he had to use my Transition bottlerocket for the session.
I ran him through my skills check and showed him why my bike is set up the way it is and I set to work on his missing looking and body position skills.
The skills check revealed a natural un weight of the front wheel but it was covered up by a missing skill, once corrected Neil ‘s riding went off the hook!
I began with the drop technique and Neil really flew and began landing perfectly immediately. After he rad ridden all 3 drops using both the physical and mental skill set that I teach, I also worked on beginning to style in the air too.

I worked hard on Neil’s cornering before linking drops into berms which he found easier than ever.
We then moved onto jumping and eventually the tabletop and gap jump too.
Neil’s skills set grew and grew as he sailed over each side of the 6ft jump with ease.

We then moved onto the trail and worked on pumping and pre jumping and also linking the 14 sections along the trail together using the identified braking areas.
Neil rode end to end faster and faster and smoothly.
Lastly we moved onto the pump/jump trail.

Using his new pumping technique, Neil used the trails energy rather than pedaling to generate enough speed to jump a 10ft tabletop mid trail and then began flowing along the entire trail and railing the berm at the end.
After maybe ten goes, mental fatigue showed and our session ended to a cold beer and a riding demonstration by myself of the skill set in use in my own riding on the high woodwork.
High5 Neil.