Simon had previously attended a public jump/drop session and wanted to return for more coaching and brought along Nick with him.
After the skills check I moved onto braking technique as both were chronic rear brake users and I needed to develop their control before I could bring them onto the drop technique.
On the drops they wasted no time in applying their skill set both physically and mentally to all 3 drops, landing perfectly every time.
We then moved onto the trail and began working on the 14 sections contained on the trail and linking them together using the correct braking and pedaling areas.
I covered the pumping technique, flat ,bermed, off camber and switch backed corners. We linked them to steps, rock gardens, fly out jumps and drops.

I worked on linking drops into corners and line choice whilst doing it.
We then rode the trail top to bottom quite a few times and the lads really began to shift smoothly and fluidly.
The worked We did on body position, footwork and looking really paid off over the course of the session.
Nick grew mentally tired and sat out of the tabletop jumping session. Since his last session with me, Simon had lost his looking . I corrected this and Simon began jumping with ease once again.
Great session.