Simon and Tony contacted me for a skills session before their holiday once again in Morzine next month. After the skills check I identified what skills were missing but as important, the skills they had already developed but didn’t recognize during their riding lives.
After removing the pull from the front wheel un weighting we moved onto pumping the trail and the bunny hop technique. These techniques were lapped up by them and on leaving the pumping trail they both moved into the top 10 of all my clients and Simon moved into 2nd place only 1 bike length from Stumo’s record!
I then moved them onto the drop and jump techniques and after working on their looking skills, both of them were flying and landing comfortably and the confidence began to build along with the 3 other mental skills.
We then worked on cornering and once again with a few tweaks the guys were flying.
it was time to move onto a trail with less groomed corners, larger drop and jump sections. I cut the trail into 2 segments and we isolated the corners to the drop to begin with and both Tony and Simon really began to shine through with their looking and footwork correct. The drop section just flew by as just another section. We worked on the last segment of trail with it’s 3 sections of corner, drop and gap jump and once again after a development of their mental skills they flew down it. They were beginning to tire and after a couple of complete runs we ended our session with smiles all round and I know they will have a great time in the alps now.
Awesome day.