Simon made the journey across from Gloucester and we started with the skills check and set up check . I discovered looking and body positioning needed work so I set to work. The drop technique was where I began installing the mental skills set and the effect was immediate as he was landing perfectly from all three drops.
Onto the skills trail and its 14 sections. We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns, steps, drops, jumps and rock gardens as well as pumping and absorbing sections to maintain speed. We worked on the top half and then took a welcome coffee break and on resuming it wasn’t long before Simon was riding the whole trail end to end. Each run was so much faster and smoother than previously and Simon commented on how relaxed he now felt too.
My fellow coach Nathan turned up from a rode ride and stopped by for a chat and to cast his eye on the progress of Simon and gave him some adjustments too. On to jumping and Simon had never jumped a tabletop before but that soon changed as he was clearing a 6ft tabletop with ease and even rode the 6ft gap jump too. Onto the pump and jump trail to really gel the learning together as he could now choose when to jump or pump through sections of a trail and was even railing 2 lined berms together at the end of the line too. Both myself and Nathan could see he was tiring mentally but I knew we had some time left so off we went to apply the skills to riding steeper terrain and again Simon was amazed at the simplicity of it and how comfortable it all felt when riding near vertical drop offs.
We moved back to the skills trail and we could both see that mentally he was done and hand cramps confirmed the end of the session. Amazing improvements Simon.

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