Simon contacted me yesterday and it just so happened I had a place free for a one to one. I explained on the phone what I do and we met as arranged.
I started as usual by running him through the skills check where I identify what skills are already natural and then go about installing the missing ones.
we began with pumping, the dis-connected bunny hop and onto the drop and jump techniques.
Simon pick all of these up very easily but over thought each one so i had to move him on through them so as not to undo any learning.
Simon asked me on contacting me if i could help him flow more down trails and with this in mind we began working on a trail that I split into 3 segments, working on the top segment first.
corners were the first order of the trail and slowly Simon began stitching the sections together and braking in the entry’s and exits only. Section after section was ridden and the drop sections at the end of the trail proved no problem and were lapped up.
By the end of the session, Simon was demonstrated a new skill set both physically and mentally and managed the energy in the trail superbly.
awesome session!