John was already there when I arrived, so we had a quick coffee then started the session. He wanted to work on his single track skills, so he could be faster and more in control when racing. I discovered he was missing body position and looking within this technique, so I corrected this here, and then spent the first half of the session perfecting it. We used the top half of the skills trail, the three linked berms and also the hillside to really exaggerate the components of his cornering. He could feel how this was a much more comfortable way of cornering, as it adds grip and control, and he was beginning to self diagnose his errors when they didn’t feel right. I also showed him how much moving your seat down can affect your riding.

After lunch we worked on drops. First we used the three on the hillside to again work on the technique, and matching effort to speed. We then linked drop offs into corners at the bottom of the trail, where he now had to think about controlling his speed, as well as maintaining the correct technique in his corner. I demonstrated the last section of the trail we had not ridden, and how to absorb and carry speed through fly outs and steps, and we finished off here riding the trail top to bottom.

We looked at some steeper sections, rolling in straight, on sections with and without apexes. He had to use his mental questions but after a run up he was able to answer yes, and rode them perfectly, now understanding the body position I had explained.

We finished up back over on the pump trail, were we just touched a bit more on pumping, and carrying the speed through the sections on this trail.

Nice one John! Think looking and let me know how it goes!

Nath (@ukbikenath)