Due to sickness 2 riders couldn’t attend and another didn’t turn up for the public skills session so Jim and Paul were given my full attention.
On running them both through the skills check i discovered the missing skills but also un covered some great existing habits too.
Once I began correcting their skills we moved onto the 3 drops that are side by side to apply their push technique to.
In no time at all they were both riding off and landing perfectly off all 3 drops.
I then moved onto the trail to work on pumping and cornering. I worked on connecting them to the trail using the trails energy not their own and they linked that technique to cornering too.
We worked on flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners and linked them to steps, rock gardens, jumps and drops along the singletrack trail.

We gradually made our way down the trail working on new techniques and applying the skills set accordingly. each new technique was linked to the previous and soon they really began to flow down the trail.
I worked hard on linking drops into corners and carrying speed through turns.
We rode the trail end to end quite a few times and each run was faster and more fluid than the last.
A hot 4 hours in the sun took it’s toll as mental fatigue began to show and the session ended with a demonstration of the skill set in use by myself on the woodwork.