The guys came down from Wales for their mountain bike coaching session today, some camped over night and the others arrived this morning. We ran them through the skills checks where we had to work on looking and body position collectively. We moved onto drops and soon enough everyone was riding off the largest drop and landing perfectly. We then moved straight across to the tabletop where we worked on controlling their speeds individually to find their own clearance point. Everyone was feeling air beneath their wheels and some even used their mental skills to ride the gap jump too. After a lunch break, we started to work on cornering, first using a grassy slope, to work on the technique. We then linked this with three berms to put their new found technique to practise. After this, we talked them through pumping, and they were linking the whole pump trail, choosing which sections to jump or absorb, and linking this with the three corners. We moved into steeps, where we showed them they importance of maintaining a correct body position makes when riding this sort of terrain. We then worked on linking drops into corners, which was all about control and correct braking, as well as techniques we had already covered. We could see tiredness was setting in, so we finished our session on the 9ft gap jump, where some again used their mental skills to choose to ride the gap or not.

Great day guys, look forward to riding with you soon.

Tony (@ukbikeskills)

Nath (@ukbikenath)