Paul, Rob, Phil, Steve, Sam and Gareth made their way over on then ferry early in the morning and I could tell when we met that today would be a goodun but how good was yet to unfold.

They all wanted to learn to get airtime and anything else would be a bonus they said.

The skills check showed they all had good footwork but I needed to correct body positioning and looking in them all. Then , their riding world as they knew it began to change.

Drops were first on the menu and later the 6ft tabletop they all sailed into the air and were landing perfectly from all three drops and then the tabletop too.

Oh I forgot that before drops, we worked on the simplicity of riding over logs on the ground and both techniques that are involved. Anyway, back to my drunken ramblings.

I say drunken because our session ended in contour cycles and whilst Gareth had his bike fixed we were drinking their supply of brew by numbers beer and then we went for an awesome curry at the Raj of India in wgc.

We had a break as always and resumed with cornering and carrying speed through multiple berms and then riding a large faced jump. It wasn’t long before they were all riding the whole trail end to end, pumping, jumping and cornering as they went.

Onto steeper terrain and this really hit home with them as their new body positioning offered so much more control than their previous ones and they easily rode a near vertical drop off too.

They we all using their mental skills now and deciding what they can or can’t ride by applying them and the final 9ft gap jump was something Phil,Gareth and Sam said yes to and they flew across it a few times before our session came to an end and the beers beckoned.

Magic session




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