Stu came to us at ukbikeskills upon recommendation from his riding buddies. He explained that he had jumped small jumps before but it was very much hit and miss whether it went well. The skills check showed him why it was going wrong and I set about correcting his physical skills set before working on the mental skills whilst applying them to the techniques required on the trails.

We began with drops and using the technique that we teach and immediately Stu felt more control and the simplicity blew him away. All three drops proved no issue as he knew where to look and his body positioning really made the whole thing effortless. Next up was jumping tabletops and I used a 6ft tabletop for this and in a few minutes he was sailing across it easily and landing perfectly again. It wasn’t long before the gap jump side of it beckoned and Stu applied his mental skills again to choose to ride it and again with the same smooth landing as a result.

We took a coffee break and then resumed with cornering on the grassy hill first before moving to three berms to work on carrying speed through turns. Stu’s new skills were applied and the levels of grip amazed him as he railed through three berms and hit the jump that followed. We moved to the steeper stuff to apply both skills sets and the near vertical drop really cemented his new skills sets as it all felt so simple and easy now.

Drops into corners were next as we ramped it up a bit and linked those techniques together via line choice and correct braking before moving to the trail containing a 7ft gap jump. Now Stu was pumping or jumping by choice nd railing two berms to carry enough speed to make the 7ft gap jump that followed an easier prospect and a few runs of the complete trail saw Stu’s tank running empty on energy and an awesome session came to an end.