Chris arrived early, so i ran him through the skills check, to assure he had a full set of skills before moving on to applying them. We went to the drops, where i talked about the mental skills, and he quickly took on board everything i had talked about so far, and was landing perfectly off the larger drop at a variety of speeds. We moved onto the trail after a quick cornering execise, and i worked him through it section by section, which involved both types of corners, rocks, flyouts which he used to jump, steps and drops, and was soon riding top to bottom faster and in more control than before. Next we worked on the tabletop, where i controlled speed to allow him to focus on the other skills within jumping. I kept adding speed untill he was landing perfectly on the transition of both the table top, and his first ever gap jump. We moved up to the pump and jump trail, where we worked on pumping the sections, and keeping speed in order to jump sections. Mental tiredness kicked in and our session came to an end with Chris riding the whole trail top to bottom, choosing what to pump or jump.
Brilliant day!
Nath (@ukbike_nath)
Tony (@ukbikeskills)