The session began as always with the skills checks. I saw within Paul’s techniques what skills he was missing, and corrected them here before we moved on to put it to practise.

We started with drops. All I had to do was to get Paul to apply what He had done in the skills checks on a drop of his choice. I also controlled his speed here and had him adjust his effort to match. We moved straight into the tabletop, and I worked further on Paul’s body position, and began getting him into the air through adding speed, and getting him to
Increase his own effort.

After lunch, we worked on cornering. I first used the hillside and demonstrated to Paul the correct technique, and soon enough he was linking turns perfectly. I then took this onto the skills trail, where he linked the first half together, which involves both bermed, flat and switchbacked corners and any errors, Paul was starting to diagnose himself.

We then moved onto the three linked berms and larger tabletop which followed. After demonstrating, and I explained looking and controlling speed to him, he was flying round these turns, with grip and control he had never felt before, and once again feeling air beneath his wheels on the tabletop at the end.

Nice one Paul, go up!

Nath (@ukbikenath)