Having coached both Hannah and Jo (smiler) before, this time they wanted to come up for a 2 to 1 session and even Jo munden popped up to practice after her sessions and lend support.
The skills check Revealed that they had worked on their previous session and I uncovered an area in corners that needed work but also found that I needed to work on their psychological skill sets.

We went back to the drop technique and using only the first drop I worked on their control which enhanced confidence and commitment and from there we moved onto to our main focus, corners and pumping.

I demonstrated advanced pumping and gaining speed through the trail and we used this speed to ride the following berm and flat corner. Their new body positioning took time to get the hang of but soon they were smiling as they rode and the smile never left their faces.
I added a rock garden, a feature that had previously given them concern and now they rolled over them with control and confidence, linking the following berm and switchback too.
After a break we moved onto the fly out and I showed why the skill set could be used to pump and absorb slopes to stick to the ground instead of taking off to maintain speed.

Lastly, I showed them the end of the trail and I worked hard online choice and brake control when linking drop offs into corners before it was time for us to ride the trail end to end a few times. The control and speed was awesome to see as they flowed through sections and any error they could identify without me needing to say. The girls rode the trail individually and also as a group with Jo joining in too to replicate trail riding conditions and it was awesome for me just to see their confidence go sky high.
The session ended as they grew mentally tired and we ended the session to @hasbean coffee and A walnut and coffee cake made from the master cake maker, smiler.