Dan contacted me for a one to one session and sent me a dvd of clips of his riding so I could build the day to him.
As usual I began with the skills check before moving slowly through apply the skills to the unweighting and pumping techniques before moving onto jumps. Very quickly Dan got the hang of airtime and we moved onto a trail to work on cornering and joining sections in a trail together. It soon became clear that Dan was managing the trails energy very well and all sections were smoothly linked so it was time to challenge him more mentally with lose corners, bigger drop sections and a gap jump. methodically, I worked with Dan on each section, slowly confidence grew along with his commitment and we linked each section one by one. After all the sections were ridden in a line I began removing his pedal points from the trail which resulted in Dan using the trails energy and pumping through each section cleanly including the gap section.
Our final session was on a larger drop and we worked on Dans drop technique further to enable him comfortably to become accustomed to the extra airtime.
A truly awesome session Dan!