We began the session with the skills checks where i worked on Jons skills set, and made any corrections here before moving on. We moved onto drops, and i explained the correct technique for riding them. Once understood it all made sense and he was quickly riding off the larger drop and landing perfectly. We next worked on cornering. Once again i showed him the skills required and then applying this too 3 berms. After a few goes he was linking the berms together with speed and had lots of control and grip over his bike, despite the wet conditions. We also linked this with a large tabletop and Jon began to jump. After a coffee break, we started to work on the skills trail. We spent the next hour working on each section individually, and then riding the trail top to bottom. Rock gardens, fly outs and steps were ridden with ease, and the wet conditions didnt slow him down with his new technique. Our session finished on the tabletop. I worked on managing his speed to help over come certain protections and his overall technique for jumping.

Nice work today Jon, let me know how the riding goes! Remember to jump as high as you can

Nath (@ukbikenath)

Tony (@ukbikeskills)