John and Chris came to me for a two to one session to find the answers to the errors in their riding that they knew were happening but didn’t know why. The skills check showed that they were missing body positioning and looking skills and then it was a case of working on the mental skills as they applied them to the  techniques I taught them in sections found out on the trails. Drops now proved no issue and soon we worked on cornering and here they were stunned at the new found levels of grip. We worked on linking sections of a trail together and flowing smoother and becoming faster as a result. Next was steep stuff and different ways of riding near vertical drop offs. 
 The heat of the day didn’t detract from the session and it was time to move to jumping. The 6ft tabletop was first followed by the 6ft gap jump and they were floating on air as the smiles beamed over their faces.
 They wanted more so we moved to a linked 9ft gap jump, sandwiched between 2 berms. one after the other they sailed over it and a couple of goes later our session closed to high5’s and smiles.
Amazing day. High5!