Sophie had a session with me last year and brought her riding buddy Lisa along for a 2 to 1 session.
I checked the skill set is still present in Sophie and installed it with Lisa.
We worked on footwork and looking in corners but also uncovered a natural unweight of the front wheel “push” which needed uncovering.
The first technique we applied it to was drops. Both ladies were landing perfectly in a short time and riding away to the next.
We moved onto the trail and worked on pumping, jumping, rock gardens, steps and flat, off camber, bermed and switchback corners. I used 9 sections on the trail and we worked on linking them together using the correct braking areas and the physical and mental skills sets.

I then began working on bunny hops and using it to ride over logs and both were using their push in that context too.
finally I worked with Sophie on jumping tabletops and to her surprise , she sailed over it easily. that ended an awesome session and I can’t wait for their riding updates.

Great session ladies!