Sophie contacted me short notice and described herself as a beginner with plenty of fears/confidence issues. On going through the skills check I discovered that Sophie did many things correctly, namely footwork and pushing her bike not pulling but I noticed a glitch in her looking and speed management, so I set to work.
I adjusted her set up and riding position slightly and began on unweighting the front wheel before moving onto pumping the trail. We spent some time on these working out the skills flaws so that Sophie could progress error free.
We then moved on to the dreaded drop technique and to her surprise she already had the push required to perform the technique. So after a few pointers, Sophie was landing both wheels together off of the drop. Much to her delight. Now her confidence and commitment blossomed.
I then moved onto the coaching trail and we worked on corners and then linking sections together, identifying braking zones along the way. Gradually more speed was introduced and Sophie was able to manage it by incorporating her other new skills.
Our session ended as once again mental fatigue showed and we rode back to the car park with smiles all round.
An awesome day on many fronts.