I met Steffen and Nige at a windy Herts skills area and as usual the first thing I did was run them through the skills health check. I discovered what they were missing and as importantly, what they do that’s correct.
I made a few set up adjustments to enhance their riding positions and the changes took immediate effect.
The 1st technique we covered was drops. I worked heavily on both their looking and body position here and soon the lads were landing perfectly. I then covered their mental skills and they applied them to ride the larger of the 3 drops and the smiles grew.
Next we moved onto the trail and worked on the 14 sections contained within it in a methodical fashion.
I worked on their footwork, looking and body positioning in corners and we applied the push in different contexts through out the trail.
Flat, bermed,off camber and switch backed corners were worked on as were drops, rocks, steps, pumping and up ramps.
methodically, We worked our way down the trail, linking each section to the previous smoothly.
We rode the trail end to end a few times and both Steffen and Nigel remarked on how flowly it felt.
The wind was blowing straight at the table top when I began working on their jumping. I showed how to use their push in this context and the lads were flying. It didn’t take very long for both to clear the 6ft table top. Steffen, filled with new confidence rode the gap jump a few times too.
The wind changed direction and blew from the side which brought our session to a natural close.
Great session lads!