Stephen contacted me after seeing the skills video I did for singletrackworld.com.
He had taken a few crashes that had knocked his confidence and asked for my help. I put him through my skills check where I discovered that he lacked his looking and body positioning skills but also had a very natural push to unweight. I made some set up changes to enhance his body position and speed control.
First technique we worked on was the drop technique, which is the technique involved in his crashes.
I showed how to apply the physical skill set and we also worked on the mental skill set too!
We then moved onto the trail where I break the trail down into segments and work on each segment before adding it to the next. We worked on all 14 sections contained within the trail including flat, bermed, off camber and switchback corners. Drops, steps, rocks and upramps.
Each section was linked using the identified braking areas into the next section. I timed various sections to measure improvements in time and show the benefits of the skill set in use and Stephen hack seconds off each run.
Finally we rode the whole trail together as darkness began to fall and our session came to a close.

Keep working on your looking skill and I look forward to our future sessions.