Darren and Steve came to me wanting to develop thier jumping and drop techniques. Darren was coming back from injury after breaking his collarbone in august and needed some help with identifying why it had happened.
After the skills check I found that both lacked a skill and I set about correcting this before moving onto the coaching drop sections.
This is exactly the section that Darren had previously hurt himself on but now with a new skill set both him and Steve applied themselves confidently.
We then moved onto an isolated corner to work on carrying speed into and out of corners.

We worked on footwork, looking and also body position before then stitching both techniques together with a drop into a corner.

Next up we moved onto a fly out to begin to get used to the feeling of getting airborne and then onto the tabletop and its gap section. I managed the riders speed as we focused on looking whilst jumping and both of them sailed over the table top easily with Steve applying his mental skill set to clear the gap side of the jump too!
Lastly, we moved onto a 9ft gap step down that was preceded by a corner and Steve cleared that too!
We ended our session as tiredness crept in.
Awesome session guys!