Steve has been to see me a couple of years ago and wanted to develop his riding and share the session with his riding buddy’s Helen, Jon and Hugh. The skills check showed me the missing and also the present skills and a set up change or two helped .
 We started with the drop technique and applied their new skills , both mental and physical to this technique and it soon became easier and easier. We moved on to cornering and carrying speed though berms and also linking them and their new body positioning, looking and footwork really paid off. We moved to the trail and broke it down into bite sized chunks before linking the whole trail together, faster and smoother than previously possible. Flat, bermed, off camber and switchback turns were linked to drops,steps, pumping, rock gardens and fly out jumps. Now they were buzzing but tiring so we moved to jumping tabletops and they wee soon in the air and clearing it, bar Helen who by this time was shattered and tired from the efforts of the session so far. Jon and Steve rode the gap jump a good few times too with massive grins as they landed too. I moved to the pump and jump trail that ends with  2 berms and a 7ft ladder gap jump and by the end of the session they were flowing nicely down the trail choosing what to jump or pump and both Steve followed by Jon rode the 7ft gap to finish the session. Awesome session although baking hot.